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How To Naturally Increase Penis Size

how to naturally increase penis size

There are millions of men that are constantly searching for male enhancement products or certain solutions that can help them improve the size of their penis.

If you happen to be one of them, I'm going to reveal how to naturally increase penis size.

I'm Tim Lekach and in this article, I will discuss ways that you can increase your penis size.

From exercises to all-natural supplements, my goal is to help guide you to the tolls that will help you.

The Truth About Penis Enlargement

Despite the fact that a large number of men are dealing with a need for penis enlargement, the entire topic seems to be somewhat taboo and incredibly sensitive on the whole.

If you are searching for answers or desperate for a solution that meets your needs, then you have come to the right place.

Get comfortable as I discuss the truth about penis enlargement.

Let's start with a few very common questions that men ask.

What is The Average Penis Size?

According to Medical News Today, the average penis ranges between 5 to 7 inches when erect, and that measurement is taken from the tip of the penis to the start of the abdomen.

What is The Best Penis Enlargement Technique?

There are a number of penis enlargement techniques that are utilized by men all over the world.

They range from everything from invasive surgery, creams, oils, lotions, pumps, exercises, and pills.

Penis Enlargement Options

There are a number of products and programs that claim to be the final cure and most beneficial product when it comes to penis enlargement.

However, how can you know which ones work and which ones are a waste of time and money?

While surgery has been known to show success it is incredibly expensive and dangerous so is not necessarily the best option.

If you are looking for permanent penis enlargement for both your soft and erect penis then there are a number of extenders, penis exercise techniques and supplements that can increase size.

Here are the three best options to naturally increase penis size.

Penis Stretching Exercise

Penis stretching refers to using your hands or a device to increase the length or girth of your penis.

Manual stretching exercises involve using your hand to massage the tissues along the length of your penis.

By doing this you will want to stretch the skin and create micro-tears in the tissue.

If you would like more information on a penis enlargement erection fitness program, check out Erection Fitness.

To manually stretch your penis:

  • Grip the head of your penis.

  • Pull your penis upward, stretching it out for about 10 seconds.

  • Pull your penis to the left for another 10 seconds, then to the right.

  • Repeat these steps once or twice a day for about 5 minutes.

During my research, I found that there is no real evidence to suggest that stretching can increase your size.

I was able to find out that the results are usually minimal. In some cases, they can be temporary.

A temporary solution was not was what I was looking for. I wanted to find a method, technique or solution that produced real results.

So, although manual penis exercises are something to consider as a way to naturally increase penis size, I uncovered two more effective options.

ProSolution Pills

One of the best solutions to naturally increase penis size is herbal supplements.

I'm talking about supplements that are proven to increase blood flow to the area and increase the hardness and size of erections.

These types of products do not have any side effects, they are incredibly affordable, and they are easy and simple to use.

That means far less time actually working on increasing the size of your penis and more time playing around with your new-found girth, length, and confidence.

One of the most popular herbal supplements to naturally increase penis size is Pro Solution.


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Pro Solution is an all-natural male enhancement product that has been taken for years by a number of satisfied customers and is solely responsible for an infinite number of orgasms and satisfying sexual encounters.

Pro Solution Pills combine over 20 natural ingredients that are all aimed at improving desire, increasing satisfaction, and making your penis truly stand up at attention.

With the help of these all-natural supplements. your partner will not only notice how much bigger your erections are getting but will also be more than satisfied with your new profound need to please.

Not only can this product naturally increase and improve the size of your penis but it can also leave your partner more satisfied than ever been before.

Pro Solution does not require a prescription or a consultation.

All you literally have to do is order the product and once it arrives you can start enjoying the results fairly quickly.

And Pro Solution is doctor recommended.

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" Prosolution Pills works so well because each ingredient has its own set of benefits. Ginseng improves circulation to enhance erections and it spurs the release of necessary male hormones that increase libido.
Tongkat ali enhances testosterone release, is a potent aphrodisiac and improves sperm quality. Bladderwrack reduces excess estrogen and has traditionally been used to boost libido.
Cinnamon normalizes progesterone and other hormone levels. Amla and reishi mushrooms optimize the immune system and act as strong antioxidants. " - Dr. Vieira, PhD, MSM

If you are really determined to increase the size of your penis, then you could join Erection Fitness and use Pro Solution.

So far I have reviewed a penis enlargement program that you can take advantage of and I've recommended an all-natural supplement.

This final option that I've uncovered is very surprisingly effective and is used by hundreds of thousands of men all across the world.

It's a safe device that acts like a secret weapon for penis enlargement.


ProExtender is a medical-grade metal device that sits on the penis.

Guys wear it about 8 hours a day for roughly 6 months and it conveniently blends into their daily ritual.

pro extender

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Over time, this traction encourages the multiplication of cells in the penis and the growth of new penile tissue.

Guys get bigger and thicker with ProExtender, with a company they trust, and a mechanism used by doctors in 29 countries.

ProExtender is the real deal. It's used in 60 public hospitals and private clinics in Spain alone and has helped hundreds of thousands of guys get bigger where it counts and feel like an alpha male.

Medical doctors use tissue expanders for the purpose of enlarging soft tissue in many types of reconstructive surgery.

Limbs are lengthened by orthopedic surgeons. New skin is grown through stretching existing living skin.

And in Africa and South America, tribal peoples have performed lip and ear stretching as a cultural practice for centuries.

How ProExtender Works

It's designed to provide gentle non-harmful and painless traction to the penis.

The male body's natural reaction to the gentle force of ProExtender is the multiplication of tissue cells and gradual expansion of the penile tissue.

In other words, the penis gradually and naturally adds tissue for a larger, longer penis.


ProExtender is guaranteed to enlarge your penis or your money back.

It may be the best thing you can do for your confidence, your manhood and that feeling you get with a bigger penis.


While I'm not a big fan of stretching your penis itself without help, I stand behind the ProExtender device as a very effective way to naturally increase penis size.

In fact, all three methods that I have reviewed are all fantastic ways to increase penis size without a doctor getting involve or you have to disclose private information that can sometimes be hard to tell somebody.

Erection Fitness, ProSolution and ProExtender are helping millions across the world and I hope one or all of the methods help you too.

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