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Koalas To The Max Dot Com Game

Let's cut to the chase. If you found this page, you're probably looking for the highly addictive game Koalas To The Max.

To start playing Koalas to the max Click Here

If you haven't clicked the link yet and you're still here, we're going to give you some background on this amazing game.

Koalas To The Max

You may or may not have heard about Koalas to the max dot com. If you have and you've played it, then you know how addicting it can be.

If you haven't, then beware, it's highly addicting.

Koalas to the max gained tremendous popularity in 2013. Actually, it went viral.

This amazing game was created by Vadim Ogievetsky. He's a genius by the way.

He's co-founder of Imply which is a full-stack, multi-cloud data platform.

Basically, Vadim is equivalent to a brain surgeon in the tech world. He's capable of creating things we couldn't even imagine; like Koalas to the max.

The story behind how he created Koalas to the max is very interesting. Simple but interesting.

Back in either 2012 or 2013, more likely 2012, he came across a link that was posted on reddit. It was a link to a game that he started to play.

He admits that the game he found on reddit was very addictive but, being the very intelligent tech guy that he is, he found several design flaws in the game.

You can read Vadim's entire case study here.

While he was playing the game, he couldn't help but think of ways that he could enhance it.

It's not because there was anything wrong with the version that he played, but he just felt that he could improve on it and give it a small twist.

So he reimplemented it using D3.

Going Viral

Spoiler alert - if you haven't played the Koalas to the max game yet, it's going to be explained over the next few paragraphs.

Koalas to the max went viral in 2013, quite innocently too.

When Vadim finalized his modified version of the original game that he saw on reddit, he shared his version with Mike Bostock (creator of D3).

Mike thought it was worth tweeting about and he posted it on his Twitter account.

After all, this new game, Koalas to the max, was created on his platform.

Interestingly enough, Mike's tweet was retweeted by members of the Google Chrome development team (again, this was in 2013).

Vadim then thought it would be worth posting about the game on reddit, (where he found a similar version of the game that he tweaked).

He was happy with the response.

"it got a respectable 23 points which made me happy" - Vadim Ogievetsky

Vadim's post was reposted on a funny subreddit and it was then upvoted to the front page.

It then got shared to Facebook, StumbleUpon (now Mix), and other social media platforms and the rest is history.

The game went viral and millions of people played it.

There is just something about these mindless games that gets us hooked.

Mindless Fun

Koalas to the max starts off innocently enough. It starts off with one big circle in the middle of the screen.

But, it's what happens when you move your cursor over the circle that leaves us wanting more.

We should note that this game plays best on a desktop computer or a laptop.

Using your mobile device does work but the best experience that you're going to have playing this game, is on a computer.

Our lives can be so complicated and it's nice to escape into one of these games for hours sometimes.

There are countless examples of games and puzzles that occupy hours of our time, and that's ok.

We need that escape sometimes.

With so much going on in our lives, it can be refreshing to do the simplest of things.

Like this game, Koalas to the max. You literally have to do nothing but split the circles up until you reveal a picture, that's it.

But the splitting of the circles is so satisfying.

So, go ahead and give it a try and let us know if you were able to only play it once!

In conclusion

Even though we mainly create articles like 5 Tips To Lose Weight, How To Lose Wright Quickly, and Foods That Boost Immune System, we are huge fans of shutting our brains off from time to time and just playing mindless games.

Koalas to the max is one of those games. It's gone vial in the past and we don't doubt that it will go viral again.

Feel free to share this post with someone you know so that they can enjoy this amazing game!

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