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Painful Intercourse Causes and Treatments

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Are you suffering from painful intercourse?

Painful intercourse otherwise known as Dyspareunia affects a large number of women at some point in their life.

Around 75 percent of women have painful intercourse at some point, according to the American College of Obstetrician's Gynecologists (ACOG).

So if this sounds like you, you are not alone.

Pain during intercourse is the most sensitive problem amongst women that most of them feel it difficult to consult a physician. But this can be treated as the reason might be some physical illness.

Dyspareunia tends to lead to tearing, ripping, burning, or aching sensation during penetration.

This pain could occur at the vaginal opening or deep in the pelvis or anywhere else in between. This could also be felt throughout the pelvic area and sexual organs.

Four common reasons for pain during intercourse

1. Insufficient lubrication or arousal that could create a vicious circle leading to fear among the woman.

Women having a hysterectomy or mastectomy can also face this problem with arousal because of the feeling of incompleteness.

This could be treated with prompt and proper consultation whereby the physician provides you with lubrication methods that in turn will reduce discomfort.

2. Thinning and drying of vaginal tissues when menopause begins amongst women.

This occurs due to less production of the estrogen hormone that is needed to maintain vaginal tissue moistly.

As the ability of the vagina to make its own mucus tissues declines so as it becomes dry, itchy, and painful leading to pain during intercourse.

3. Unintentional muscle spasms of the thighs, pelvis, and vagina can also make penetration impossible and this stage is known as vaginismus that could develop from any of the above-mentioned factors or due to psychological factors.

A victim of traumatic sexual experience or rape can also lead to vaginismus and as such counseling can help a lot.

4. Pelvic infections, boils, cysts, tumors, scars, or anything that narrows the vagina are common causes as well.

In addition, a woman may have uterine tissue growing outside of the uterus with bleeding and pain.

An intact hymen, complications of any past surgery, diseases such as diabetes that interfere with the physical process of arousal or orgasm are all possibilities.

A remedy for vaginal dryness

Any of the factors due to less lubrication can be overcome with methods such as lubrication gels, estrogen creams, or estrogen replacement therapy in pills.


Vigorelle, as seen in Healthy Living, has an amazing gel to alleviate pain and provide comfort.

Vigorelle for Women instantly glides on a silky texture, then creates a “cool tingling” sensation that speeds arousal and encourages your body’s natural lubrication.

It doesn't contain any petrochemical by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or fragrances.

Its natural formula promotes balance and wellness.

Vigorelle protects and rejuvenates delicate tissue. It's easy to wash off, it's water-based and pH balanced.

You can visit the Vigorelle website by Clicking Here.

How To apply Vigorelle

Apply a small amount to the mucus membrane, beneath the clitoris, and thoroughly rub it in to help absorption.

The clitoral hood is partially keratinized and absorbs less of the beneficial ingredients than the non-keratinized underside of the clitoris.

You will notice the silky smooth consistency of Vigorelle that mimics a woman’s natural lubrication.

For more information about Vigorelle, you can click here

There are several other factors that we haven't covered here, one being the type of food that you eat.

If you feel that you're body isn't getting the proper nutrients our article Foods That Boost Immune System may give you some quick and easy solutions.

Just remember, if you are having painful intercourse; you are not alone.

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